September 2023. Aphex Twin. Black Box Life Recorder 21F 12”

First new outing from the esteemed Richard James in 5 years and easily his best work in years. A return to the deep Aphex bubbling rave his early releases were famous for. In the current age of every kid with a computer able to muster up any sounds they want it’s a testament that one of the pioneers of the sound from a time when they still used tape loops and modular synths is still able to be head and shoulders above the rest. There’s a nod to the deep Detroit sounds of Drexciya as well as the lush depth of classic early AFX Warp releases like Polygon Windows or a beefed up busier Ambient Works. Aphex has been back playing live again doing hectic DJ sets, so it’s nice to see him still top of the electronic tree with his own releases. Must have for fans old and new.

1280 1280 Psyched! Radio. San Francisco