Speakeasily Vs The & ’80s

The Speakeasily Hour Minute Podcast and Speakeasily Vs. The ’80s are audio shows of ill-repute that grew out of the Speakeasily comedy collective. Morphing from a live Bay Area burlesque show into a web-based video burlesque talk show into a sketch comedy thrupple, the hydra-headed Speakeasily now provides comedy podcasts for your listening pleasure.

Speakeasily Vs The ’80s is a rip-roaring trip down the drain of ’80s trash cinema with special guests from the live performance, podcast, and film worlds.

Speakeasily Vs. The ’80s

Odessa Lil (Audra Wolfmann)
Klingon Vanna White
Shecky Davis Jr.


10PM SF // 12PM CDMX // 1AM NYC // 7AM BCN