Sonic Schitz

[crocal_empty_space height_multiplier=”5x”][crocal_title heading_tag=”h1″ heading=”h4″]Sonic Schitz[/crocal_title][crocal_title heading=”leader-text”]Sonic Schitz with Con Stellatum Schitz, from the Greek Σκίζα: split, a sliver, a splinter. Slivers of sound to mend the nodes of a splintered mind. Weekly mixes of ambient electronic, leftfield house, minimal techno, post-punk, and whatever else the night inspires. Mostly vinyl cuts, sometimes digital. Digital artists supported on Bandcamp when possible. Live Thursdays 8PM-10PM on[/crocal_title]
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With Con Stellatum


8PM SF // 10PM CDMX // 11PM NYC // 4AM BCN