Barrio Archives

[crocal_empty_space height_multiplier=”5x”][crocal_title heading_tag=”h1″ heading=”h4″]Nubes Que Pasan[/crocal_title][crocal_title heading=”leader-text”]Barrio Archives is an independent label based in Berlin that promotes emerging music. We support upcoming artists and organise events/ multicultural exchange, we are happy to collaborate with Psyched radio in San Francisco with our weekly radio show hosted by one of the founders of our label Do25inco pronounced Dos Cinco

Do25inco is founder of the international collective of DJs and producers TACOS MIT CUMBIA a tropical party running since 2016 in Europe mixing the club culture in Berlin with the streets vibes of sonideros in Mexico city accompanied some times by art exhibitions, vintage pop ups and of course tacos in every show, tune in and enjoy this world music from salsa to hip hop and some rare tunes recorded in Pinewax Studios Berlin.[/crocal_title]

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7AM SF // 9AM CDMX // 11AM NYC // 5AM BCN